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About Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun (pronounced "wing chun") is a martial arts system that was developed in China between 300-400 years ago. It is relatively new to the western world, but is now spreading rapidly. While some martial arts concentrate on sport and competition, making them less effective, Wing Tsun's emphasis is solely on self-defense.
Wing Tsun is an integrated philosophy or way of fighting rather than simply a collection of fighting moves as most martial arts are. It is a highly effective and complete martial arts system based on logical scientific principles and the physics of the human body: angles, timing and reflexes, in addition to superior fighting principles of constant flexible forward pressure, economy of movement, tactile reflexes, centerline theory, explosive offensives, and repeated rapid strikes. It is primarily a weaponless self-defense in its most effective and uncompromising form (some classical weapons training occurs at the highest of master levels). We stress that, unlike most other martial arts taught today, Wing Tsun is not a sport, nor is it used in competition. Competition martial arts have for their objective concepts that are different from self-defense and if used in a real self-defense situation could prove to be very inadequate.

Many believe Wing Tsun to be the most effective hand-to-hand combat style available today. Utilizing close range techniques such as rapid strikes, low kicks, knees and elbows, combined with highly maneuverable footwork all applied in a light springy manner, a Wing Tsun fighter borrows the opponents' force and turns it back on them.

Contrary to most martial arts systems, Wing Tsun doesn't place emphasis on superior physical or athletic ability to be effective in a combat situation. Quite the contrary, WT's scientific principles allow a smaller, weaker person to defeat a larger, more powerful opponent through the proper execution of simple yet superior technique. Wing Tsun is thus equally effective for men and women, regardless of strength or size. This idea is illustrated in the traditional history of the Wing Tsun system, that it was developed by an elderly Shaolin nun, Ng Mui, because she could no longer execute the strength-based techniques of the Shaolin system.

Yip ManSince its inception, Wing Tsun was taught as a private style passed on to only a few individuals each generation until 1949 when, after the communist revolution took place in China, the grandmaster of the time, Yip Man, fled China and moved to Hong Kong. It was there that he began teaching publicly hundreds of students, including the late Bruce Lee. Yip Man passed away in 1972; his students have since branched out throughout the world to continue teaching this unique fighting system.

About EBMAS Colorado Springs

EBMAS Colorado Springs is a private Wing Tsun work group led by Sifu Edward Long (Sifu, Certified EBMAS Instructor, 3nd Level Technician). Based in Colorado Springs, it is the only Colorado affiliate of EBMAS (Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System), led by Sifu Emin Boztepe. EBMAS Colorado Springs provides a positive and open learning environment free from intimidation, promoting an intellectual, as well as physical, study of Wing Tsun. In addition WT training is an excellent aerobic and strengthening workout to help you get into shape. At this time we offer a single adult training group, training students from 14 years old and up. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6PM to 8PM.
EBMASSifu Emin Boztepe is a Master of Wing Tsun. He runs EBMAS from our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, from where he and Sifu Michael Casey support and visit EBMAS Colorado Springs for training, seminars, and testing.

All students are required to join EBMAS as soon after beginning their training as possible. Dues are $70 for the first year and $60 per year thereafter. EBMAS members are allowed to learn at all EBMAS schools or work groups and attend seminars. Applications are available through EBMAS Colorado Springs or any EBMAS school.

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